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This isn’t a document that you might expect in a c# programmers group.

But I think its important – its very important that we learn to be strong individuals socially and in all the other areas also e.g. physical/mental health, spiritual health, financial, our sense of personal fulfullment and well-being is very important.

What I find is, if you spend too long focussing on one area of your life, then another area will suffer eventually. We need to plan ahead so we can cover all areas as well as we can in order to be happy.

Enjoy the clip and let me know what you think.

What will you do with your freedom?


IS THERE NO ONE ELSE ? Become like Achilles



Sometimes, its wiser to show that you are no afraid of offend someone – this way they will know that you are not afraid which gains you respect. Most of all – Do not be afraid to be Firm with others if they disrespect you.

Be not afraid of anyone on the Earth

Be not afraid




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