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The First Project Specification for the C# Beginner to Expert Project Group - c# Web Browser app

We all need somewhere to start. Some of us, including myself, do not create many projects or if we do then they might be left unfinished.
Where should we start? Nothing is written in stone but have you heard of the initials
S.M.A.R.T. I know it to be one of the best ideas for seeing through which goals are important to you.
You may have heard of at College, Uni or never have heard about it. Whether you went to College or now, that makes no difference - all Projects in this group will have a SMART philosophy just to establish some guidelines, if nothing else. If I hear of a better philosphy then we can consider that perhaps in another discussion.
So what does SMART stand for. It stands for
S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Relevent
T - Timely
Wow!!! I didn't know this until I've just done some research in to SMART - there is now an improved way of following your goals. It calls SMARTERS. The ERS stands for :-
E - Ethical, Excitable,Enjoyable, Engaging, Ecological
R - Rewarded/rewarding, Reassess, Recordable, Reaching
S - Satifies Strategic vision
For all the projects within this Project I will write the SMARTERS goals. This will also give you an idea how you can set goals yourselves in your own lives.
The first project that has been chosen is to write c# code to act as a basic Web Browser.
So this is the first SMARTERS c# personal development project to develop a c# Web Browser :-
S - Specific - To write c# code to act a very basic Web Browser. All solutions should include the bare bones of the code (no complicated stuff at this point please and no WPF code for now please). Only c# is preferred aimed at running as a desktop app. The reason for accomplishing this is to help every one improve their c# and see how we can best collaborate as a group. Another goal is to help bring the users of this group to a similar kind of level with the ultimate goal of becoming experts in c#. Once all the solutions are submitted, we will compare the code written against each other to determine a final version that can be developed further by any one who wishes to develop the code as the so choose to. The intended deadline for this project is Sunday 24th February 2013.
M - Measurable - The progression of each member of the group is to be monitored however an indivial chooses. All users can add discussions, create issue discussions, use any web sites, books, resources to create a solution or the best than they can.
A - Attainable - The project is attainable as MS Visual Studio 2012 Express Edition is free to download. There are many resources on c# to help finish this project.
R - Relevent - This project is very relevent to anyone wanting to learn or develop their c# skills. From this, an indivual will become more marketable and can also enjoy working with others to complete the project.
T - Timely - The deadline for this project is Sunday 24th February 2013. This deadline is quite tight - the point of that is to push oneself to start believing that it is possible to fit this in amongst any other commitments. The other purpose is force into throwing a lot into it which will bring the highest results.
E - Ethical, Excitable,Enjoyable, Engaging, Ecological - The project is ethical. Its exciting due to web development being at the forefront of career skills currently needed. Communicating as part of this group also makes it exciting.
R - Rewarded/rewarding, Reassess, Recordable, Reaching - It rewarding to come up with ideas, complete a goal and work with others. Also helping another will also help you to develop what you know even more.
S - Satifies Strategic vision - The strategic vision for this Project group is to start off at a beginner level and go on to become an expert. This project is a great start.
If anyone else has some more good ideas about what to do a project in please add a comment somewhere or send me a message. I've got a few ideas myself - if we get too many ideas then I can always pull one out of a hat or we can take a vote.
I sincerely hope that everyone will have a go at this project and that you will also find it immensely rewarding.
To get a start on this simple project, check the screen-shot attachement, load Visual Studio, create a brower Go button, a text box to enter a Web Address and double click the WebBrowser control in the Toolbox which is where the webpage will appear. This took me 5 minutes to work out - not get the code working inside the Go button!!! If you have discovered anything useful please add or contribute this group in any way you see how :) please.
Kind Regards
If you want to see what I look like then take a look at (promoting this C# learning Project on YouTube :) :-

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