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Today i am Launching an Exercise for All The Members of The Project , I Think That Collabarative Development is a great way to learn code,,,, Lets Start With Creating a Web-browser for the First Time and Then Lets Upload it in the project and see each others code i think this would help us exchange our knowledge n a effective way... So chop chop get Coding!!! :-)

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jmatty2000 Feb 17, 2013 at 3:47 PM 
Hi Sidd
I like the sound of this project. It excites me because it sounds quite current and also sounds like it will need research to find out which are the best Classes to use from the the c# BCL (Base Class Library which is a new term for me).
can we set some rules initially like can we keep the projects as simple as possible for now and can you set a deadline eg for 24th Februrary
Kind Regards