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My name is Matt. I'm looking for a close knit of people who can help each other out when it comes to learning c#.

Don't forget to add comments to your code and add your username near above any new code you added, What I would also like to ask though, is that if anyone wants to amend and upload any code back into this project group, could you check for anyone's name near the code and ask their permission if its ok for you to upload your alterations. We need to remember that this group is mainly aimed at beginners who are building up their skills - and also its nice and polite to discuss the project code alterations before uploading back to this project.
Look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to be a part of this amazing c# journey!! :)

To view any documentation, click the Change History (all pages) link above. If you are new to the group, choose to do any exercises in any order. Theres no start date or end date for learning - its entirely up to you what you put into this group and practicing c#.

NEW!! See for web-links to free c# video tutorials for beginners.

How to upload your answers/solutions in 60 Seconds flat using Team Viewer for Ms Visual Studio 2012 Express I did this YouTube video if anyone needs help with uploading their exercises :)

Also Check this YouTube link which I made - I didn't quite finish this but its a good start to explain some C# basics for Absolute Beginners :-

To see how to download/edit code and upload code back to Codeplex, using Team Explorer, which comes free with MS Visual Studio 2012 Express editions, check this video that I made :-
Byebye for now

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