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Your goals with C# and the software development

Feb 23, 2013 at 10:30 AM
Hello Everybody,

I have been studying c# for two months. Also in my spare time. I am working not in the IT area but my long term goal is to get a software developer job in the future.
I have several friends who are working as software developer. As Matt described the SMARTER goals I decided to join to this group.

But I have several strugglings with the IT sector:

1 - It is a very-very wide area. It is impossible to learn everything in your spare time.

2 - My opinion is that the key is a basic math knowledge (mainly logic), practice, practice and more practice.

3 - But the problem is with the practice is the time factor. A lot of us are working as not as a software developer. Therefore the time factor is very crucial for us. I would like to practice on real problems, what is good for later for get a software developer job.

4 - The open source projects are helpful. This can give us a lot of confidence and networking skills.

5 - Networking skills are the most important in the live. There are tons of software developers who want to get hired. A lot of them have degrees in CS and are in a pursuing career.

6 -There is a articles from Peter Norvig from the 10000 hours rule. You have to read it. And we are again at the problem of the time factor. You can improve significantly your programming skills when you are working as a sotware developer. Than you can study not 10-20 hours / week but 40-60 hours per week.

7 - Thus my goal is gain practical knowledge to be get hired. If you are in my situation please check this site. It is helpful

Note: I am fan of the theory but reading difficult algorithms is not useful. I would like to be not a computer scientist. I would like to be a software developer. You can learn the needed theory (e.g. data structures) besides your daily software develope job.

8 - To summarize my words: you have to define your clear goals (maybe acc. to SMARTER). If your target only the fun, then you are in good place on the CodePlex. But your target is to be get hired in the future, then you are in good place too :)

Books are very helpful. I am reading Illustrated C# too. A completed 70%. But I have to improve the practical skills to therefore I searched OS project. And I found this project. And I am very happy.

Please share everybody the clear goal with the software development.

My clear goal is to be get hired as a software developer in two years

than I can learn more and faster.

Thanks, Jozsef
Feb 24, 2013 at 2:32 PM
Edited Feb 24, 2013 at 3:02 PM
Hi Jozsef
I've just read these two weblinks and found them both very interesting. As you know, I've just read up on the SMART/SMARTER goal concept. When I was at college (20+ years ago), they on taught us how to set SMART goals but SMARTER had not yet evolved at that point. The E in SMARTER stands for Enjoyment/Energy which is a crucial element of anything we would like to accomplish.
Your first weblink mentions Fun.
At my work, I know a few very good developers. Before one of them ever says 'bye-bye' to me or ends an email he says 'Have fun.' These are the last words I see / hear - I think that interested that its as though these words are almost part of his being even when it comes to work/programming.
What I want to say is that I will do all I can to keep this project group fun by suggesting fun projects. Of course, you should include more serious programming on your own as well but hopefully we can keep this group as fun as possible.
Thanks again for posting this discussion - its helping me to cement in my being, the importance of having fun :)

Have fun :)