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MS WebMatrix for learning ASP and c# - it gives you an open mind about the c# var type

Mar 17, 2013 at 3:05 PM
Hi everyone
Sorry I've not added anything to the group just lately.
I've been looking at what else learn alongside c#. I was debating whether to learn WPF, ASP, Silverlight, Blend, Azure.
In the end I found MS WebMatrix which is a bit like using Visual Studio more intended for people starting out. I quite like it!!!
So far I've learn't to use the var type a bit more because this is what you can sometimes do when when combining html with c#. You can of course just stick to string, ints and float. Before I was never using var because I thought that it was 'bad' to not keep everything type specific. But I think it can be good to use a var for simplicity or to save processor time in converting an int to a string or vica versa so often.
If anyone want to start learning ASP combined with c# then download MS Webmatrix and find some tutorials or a good book to get going!!
Cheers for now