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What is C Sharp Begin?

Originally Started By Matt, this Group is a Collective Effort to Master The Free Software Implementation of Microsoft,The C#. A Flexible and Dynamic Language That Could be used to create applications for the Windows .Net Framework Platform.

How Does The Group Work?

At Every Sunday of a Week The Group Declares What Chapters are to be read from the Group's Official Syllabi Book Which is Authored by Rob Miles.The Group Members Then Have a Sufficient Amount of time Which is a Week during which the Group Discusses Various Aspects of the Concept Taught in The Book in the Discussions Tab.During The Discussions The Group Members Share Each Other's Ideas and Then Collaboratively Learn which helps in understanding the concept of the Chapter From Each and Every Point of View  which fulfills the necessities   of learning a Problem Solving Object-Oriented Language .At The End of Every Week The Group's Co-Ordinator and Senior Developers will Assign The Group a New Chapter Based Exercise Which is to be completed by the group and Then Submitted.The Aim of Sharing and Solving the Exercises is The Fact That when we see how the person solves  a problem we actually learn different ways to solve a type of problem and also update our problem solving Database and Trust Me (siddharths067) this would really help you in your developer Career and Would Make you Capable to Solve Complex Problems and Create Efficient Algorithms For Your Work.

PS: No Matter How Much Old The Chapter Discussion is It will Still be open for discussion for The New Members Who Have Joined The Group.


What Do I Need to Join and Learn From this Group in an Efficient Manner?

Well you Need the Following pre-requisites:


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